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Max’s Dream Series Available Books

Max’s Yoga Dream

Follow Max and his fantastic imagination as he leads you through his exciting adventures! In Max’s Yoga Dream follow along as Max tries something new with great optimism. Even though new things can be tough, Max shows us that with an open mind and enthusiasm to learn we can do anything! In every Max’s Dream book, you and your child will be inspired to reach for the stars and believe that you can be anything.

2019 Top Shelf Book Cover Award

Max’s Football Dream

In Max’s Football Dream, read along as Max has his first experience with the sport of football and wonder at the ideas and goals it inspires in his young mind!

Max’s Football Dream High School Team Package

Calling All Coaches…help to build school pride with the “Max’s Football Dream” team package. The team package includes all of the materials necessary to get your players interacting with the elementary community. Give your player the tools and confidence they need to have successful school visits. Your players will get involved in community service by building relationships with the younger generation.

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