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Welcome to the Max’s Dream children’s book series. My name is Richard Ludka and I am the founder of Positively Rich Publishing. I started the Max’s Dream book series as a way to inspire children to dream big and believe in themselves. The first two are Max’s Football Dream and Max’s Yoga Dream. Many more books are in the works.

In Max’s Yoga Dream, Max has his first experience with Yoga. Max never shies away from something new and exciting, so off with Mom to Yoga he goes. This book will help children to understand that is ok to try new things and that they do not have to be good at something to enjoy it. A positive attitude and an adventurous spirit (which all children are born with) can go a long way. Come along and see how Max handles this new endeavor.

I have been a teacher and coach for over twenty years and really enjoy seeing young people push themselves further than they believed they could to achieve great things. I’ve had students become doctors, actresses on broadway, professional athletes and super successful entrepreneurs! The most fulfilling thing is when they contact me and say I had a hand in their success. 

I am also a Personal Trainer and Accountability Coach, I love helping people reach their goals.

What a better way, I thought, to get children thinking about goals than writing children’s books and getting young people to start dreaming right now. 

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! So let’s all start dreaming together. 

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Elementary students engaged in a visualization exercise!

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