Max’s Yoga Dream Book

Follow Max and his fantastic imagination as he leads you through his exciting adventures! In Max’s Yoga Dream follow along as Max tries something new with great optimism. Even though new things can be tough, Max shows us that with an open mind and enthusiasm to learn we can do anything! In every Max’s Dream book, you and your child will be inspired to reach for the stars and believe that you can be anything!

Max’s Football Dream Book

In Max’s Football Dream, read along as Max has his first experience with the sport of football and wonder at the ideas and goals it inspires in his young mind!

Teresa Elswick

Teresa Elswick Designation


This book was a perfect addition to our son’s “football party” theme for his 8th birthday! The story contains a message that is focused on setting goals and acheiving your dreams. This book would be a great addition to any young child’s book collection and would be a great addition to a classroom when teaching students goal setting/growth mindset. I would highly recommend this book for young readers.

Christopher Potter

Christopher Potter Designation


We need more books like this one. You are never too young to dream big. Great message and fun read! I look forward to more books like this from the author. This is definitely a book I will read to my son over and over again!!!

Max’s Football Dream High School Team Package

The program includes:

-2 copies of the “Max’s Football Dream” Book

-1 PowerPoint presentation that will accompany the script/lesson1 easy to follow script/lesson plan for the players to follow

-1 copy of the activity sheet to be used in the presentation 

(materials will be in PDF format so you can make all the copies you need)

-50 bookmarks that can be handed out to all the kids                         Easy to follow and super effective!

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